Rider Art Music Recording Studio

Art Music Recording Studio Rider

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Recording System

Avid ProTools Ultimate 2020

Apple Logic X

AD/DA Converters

Apogee Symphony Mk II I/O, 32 Channels AD DA up to 192 Khz

Avid HD I/O, 16+16 AD DA up to 192 Khz

Recording/Mixing console

Amek/Neve Media 51, 44 Channels with total recall

Mic Preamps

Avalon Design V5 Pure Class A Microphone Preamplifier

2x Golden Age Mic Pre 73 MkIII

George Massenburg GML Model 2020

2 Channel Sontronics Sonora 2

Outboards (in alphabetical order)

2x Empirical Lab Distressor EL-8

Empirical Labs Fatso

George Massenburg Mastering Dynamic GML Model 2030

George Massenburg Mastering EQ GML Model 9500

Lexicon 960 Reverb

Lexicon PCM 70 Reverb

Roland Space Echo RE-201

Tech 21 SansAmp

2x Urei 1176 compressor

Re-amp Box

Radial X-Amp (jensen transfomer)

Direct Box

6x Radial J48

Radial Pro DI 2 Stereo passive direct box

Etek multi DI 16 channels


Studer A80 MKII 24 Tracks tape recorder

Tascam Master DV-RA 1000 High definition stereo recorder

Sound Devices 788T 8 Tracks recorder

Audio Monitors

Yamaha NS10

Genelec 1032


Microphones (in alphabetical order)

1x AKG Tube C12VR

6x AKG C414 XLS

2x AKG C414 XLII

4x AKG C112

1x AKG Solid Tube

1x Audio Technica ATM250DE Dual capsule Dynamic Condenser

1x Beyerdynamic M201TG

1x Coles 4038 Stereo Ribbon Pair

5x DPA 4099 various mount

3x Electro Voice RE20

1x Electro Harmonix EH-R1 Ribbon microphone

1x Golden Age R1 Mark III Ribbon Active

1x Golden Age GA-47 Tube microphone

1x Neumann U87 Stereo Pair Matte

1x Neumann U87 Silver

2x Neumann KM184 2 Stereo Pair

1x Neumann KMS105

2x Sennheiser e906

5x Sennheiser MD421

1x Sennheiser MD441

1x Schoeps M/S Stereo Set

1x Shure SM7B

1x Shure Beta 91A

4x Shure Beta 98A/C + Mount A98D

8x Shure SM57

10x Shure SM58

1x Sontronics Mercury tube condenser microphone

1x Sontronics Sigma Ribbon Active Microphone

2x Sontronics DM-1T

1x Sontronics DM-1S

1x Sontronics STC-1S Stereo pair condenser mic

1x Sontronics Apollo 2


4x AKG C411

Schertler DYN-UNI-P48 Helpinstill model 120 Grand Piano sensor

Musicians Monitoring System

Livemix MIX-16 Central Mixer

Livemix AD-24

2x Livemix CS-SOLO Personal Mixer

5x Livemix CS-DUO Personal Mixer


Izotope Ozone 9, RX advanced 3, Neutron 2, Musical production kit 2

Waves Mercury

Audio Ease Altiverb XL

Audio Ease Speakerphone

FabFilter complete Bundle

MetricHalo complete bundle

Steven Slate complete Bundle

Native instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate

Toonktrack Superiror Drummer, EX drummer 2

Celemony Melodine Studio/Editor

IkMultimedia Amplitube 3, Sampletank 3

and many more…

CD Authoring software:

Hofa DDP Master


Yamaha Acoustic Grand Piano C7

Fender Rhodes Mark 1 Stage piano 73 keys 1973

Hammond C3 1969 renew by Organ Studio Italy

Leslie 147 with pre-amp and pedal to use it standalone renew by Organ Studio Italy


Gretsch “Stop badge” – Kick 22” Floor tom 18” Floor Tom 16” Tom 14” Tom 13”

Gretsch Jazz Kit 1978 – Kick 18” Tom 12” Floor Tom 14”


Pearl Dennis Chambers signature 14×6” metal

DW 14×5” Wood

Ludwig Supraphonic 14×5”

Various vintage Guitar and bass amps